Our Kitchen


Kitchen with sense


Kitchen made memories, nostalgia made taste

Extra virgin olive oil, almonds, mushrooms, rabbits, cherries, truffle…an endless list of quality products from near and far are the soul of our kitchen.

In our kitchen, the main ingredients are not materials, as our recipes are based on the season and our products treated with love and care, for which we undertake an intense search both inland and on the coast. All of this is topped off with each of our dishes being made with immense passion.

The perfect formula!

Through its vegetable gardens, olive groves, mountains and countryside, our land possesses an infinite splendour which provide high-quality, locally sourced products. In Casa Antonio, we have made it our duty to know what the land of Jaén has to offer.

Juggling with distance and feeling proud of our proximity with our neighbour city of Granada and the Andalusian coast, we allow ourselves to work with their local treasures, such as the famed shrimp from Motril, one of the many products which characterise us.

Pickled marinade, stews, roasts, gazpachos; kitchen made memories, nostalgia made taste.