Our Evoos


Extra Virgen Olive Oil, the heart of our kitchen


Tradition matched with innovation.

Our kitchen combines traditional flavours with the unlimited creativity of our chefs, something which we have offered for many years in Casa Antonio.

However, in the foundations, the essence and the soul of all our dishes, there is one element which stands out.

In addition to the effort, craft, care and professionalism which goes into our dishes, they would not be the same if it were not for the use of the best raw ingredients, amongst which include the best extra virgin olive oil from each olive season.

Award-winning oil of outstanding quality is extracted from the centenary olive groves from the province of Jaén.

"Liquid gold": The essential foundation in many of our dishes, as well as its use as seasoning to give the final touch to our creations.

For us, it is a guarantee of taste, quality and also health, as its therapeutic benefits in fighting countless diseases have revealed.

As the textures, tastes and sensations in our dishes awaken your taste buds, these are even more intense if accompanied by the best extra virgin olive oil.

This is why, for us, it is the star product in our kitchen and the soul of our dishes.